Jon Lord With Pictures

1 - Introduction, Resurrecting the Concerto

The resurrected Concerto score.

Paul Mann who conducted the Concerto at Royal Albert Hall in 1999 (and on the subsequent world tour) is related to Deep Purple via his uncle, Colin Hart (right) who was Deep Purple's old tour manager throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Marco de Groin, the Dutch composer who resurrected the Concerto through painstakingly scoring the music by listening to the original recording and watching the 1969 Royal Albert Hall video. Without de Groin Jon Lord would not have been able to perform the Concerto again.

Nerves fraying.
The RAH concerts were "great night for everybody, including the people who were yelling out 'rock'n'roll!'"

Fooling around with a brief jam during the Concerto rehearsals.
The DVD features exhaustive footage from the Concerto and Boom Of The Tingling Strings rehearsals

The Concerto tour rekindled Jon Lord's interest in writing more solo material. Included in this section are also excellent bits of revealing footage shot by Ian Gillan, chatting to Jon backstage.