Jon Lord With Pictures

2 - Leaving Deep Purple

- I couldn't just sort of wave my hand and say goodbye!
Jon Lord explains the difficulty in deciding to leave Deep Purple, and the confusion that surrounded his last shows as the second half of his farewell UK tour was postponed from February to September.

Three-man Smoke On The Water.
For the second half of Jon Lord's farewell UK tour, Don Airey performed the first half of the show. Jon Lord took the stage in time for Perfect Strangers and was later joined by Airey on a couple of songs.

- God, I'm never gonna play that again!
During his final shows Jon Lord kept thinking after each song, that this was the last time he would get to play that song.

- I suddenly realised the rest of the band had left me on my own. I almost didn't make it off stage.
Ipswich Regent Theatre, September 19, 2002.

- Jon! Jon! Jon! Jon!
The Ipswich crowd chanted for the departing maestro.

- I was in tears, I had a lump in my throat.

Jon Lord's final moments onstage with Deep Purple are captured beautifully on the Jon Lord With Pictures DVD.