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January 23rd 2003
Sydney Opera House

Paul Hogan writes:
Today's Sydney Morning Herald contained a short review of last night's Concerto with george and Jon Lord. Headed 'Straight from the heart of symphonic rock', the review by Harriet Cunningham says in part:

"It is a work that has the best elements of this decadent ear (1969) - opulent scoring, virtuoso solos and an ever-present tongue-in-cheek as the musicians bolt together the 'best of' both genres. Lord is well qualified to do this - his classical knowledge comes through loud and clear.
"Bach never sounded so good as on a Hammond, and the string quartet was pure Vaughan Williams. And it is hard to imagine a group more ideally suited to take on this work than george, who have defied categorisation with their rock-pop-jazz-funk-soul combo.
"In Lord's work they sparkled in two soaring ballads and a drum solo which was a breathtaking display of random invention. And the orchestra are a great backing band."
Another article in The Daily Telegraph (Rasmus' old rag) stated that the george n Jon shows were the fastest-selling event in the Sydney Festival.
Stay tuned for further updates!

Tom Bradbury writes:
The Concerto on Thursday nite was very impressive, considering that I am not into symphonic music. george are a very original and accomplished band, even though their music is not my type of music. The brother and sister are hugely talented (check out Katie's prowess on the congas, not to mention the piano and vocals). And her brother can really sing (+guitar+piano+percussion) - Mary said he sounds like Jeff Buckley.

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