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ABC Melbourne radio interview

Melbourne rehearsal with The Hoochie Coochie Men

Thanks to Drew Thompson

February 6th 2003
The Athenium, Melbourne
(w/Hoochie Coochie Men)

Kane nicked the setlist off the stage:
Hide Away (E)
Lowesome Trav (G)
Blus W/A Feeling (A)
Get Good Business (E)
Green Onions (D)
24/7 Blues (C)
Baby Please Don't Go (E)
Strange Brew (E)
Dallas (G)
Riverside (A)
I just Wanna Make (A)
You Need Love (E)
Aint No Justice (A)
New Old Lady (E)
Who's Been Talkin (E)
6 Strings Down (G)
Dust My Broom (D)
Little Red Rooster (A)
Chicken Shack (C)
Money Doesn't (C)

Dave Rudders writes:
Last nights show was superb! Great to see such a fantastic Aussie band playing with the Maestro. Jon was in good form throughout and a few solos were absolutely majestic. The gig is/was great and I can't wait for the video. Those Hoochie Coochie men really kick ass. Great to see Bob Daisley on stage too - Ozzy's unsung hero. He wrote most of the words and a lot of the music on Ozzy's first two solo albums, and not to mention his Rainbow days where he was a great contributor.

Mick Harris writes:
My review will be short and sweet. Great company, great friends, and the gig even better. I didn't know what to expect after hearing that the original concept of playing Pictured Within, etc had been cancelled due to Jon's thumb injury.
Let's say maybe it was reasonable compensation for the thumby injury because we witnessed some great Aussie musicians strutting their stuff with an absolute icon of the music world.
Jon said at one stage that next year will mark the 40th anniversary of him being in the music industry - and the world of music is the more richer for it as well.
It was great to see Jon enjoying himself and playing stuff that he started doing about 40 years ago. The selection of songs they played ranged from Hochie Coochie Men originals to covers like Little Red Rooster, Cream etc. All played with passion and intensity from the outset.
A few of Jon's solo's blew the venue down and at times almost also blew the other guys off the stage. It took you back to the days where Jon would let rip and play that Hammond hard.
As mentioned in the past I have no concept of whether someone is playing in the right key or missed a note, I leave that to the experts, but I felt the longer the gig went the sharper and more relaxed the band got.
Jon was at times overwhelmed by the support he was afforded and was ever gracious and appreciative of the support - and it was well deserved.
I know there will be a recording of the Coolum gig and hopefully that gig will be awesome (another purchase I feel coming up), and I know I will be tuning into tonight's Sydney gig live via the web, just to be able to listen gain to a great line-up.
It was another memorable evening spent with friends seeing another aspect to everything that is Purple.
Enjoy the gig tonite my friends in Sydney. Take your cameras as there is plenty of opportunity to take happy snaps. I have uploaded a few shots I took last night to my site.
Cheers and thanks for reading.

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