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May 31st 2003
Luxembourg Philharmonic, Luxembourg

Chris Goossens writes:
Deep Purple was amongst the bands that caught my attention some 25 years ago when I got interested in music. In recent years the internet has intensified my interest in this band, its friends and relatives.
The first solo recording fromJon Lord that I collected was Before I Forget, something I still play in moments of reflection.
Purple is too heavy for my wife's taste. She's more into opera and classical concerts. Jon's Luxembourg show was the opportunity to confront her with my favourite, Jon Lord.
Staying in Bouillon a small Belgian town some 100 km from Luxembourg, we took the opportunity to explore the very lovely centre of Luxembourg City. We saw the Grand Duke's palace, not knowing he himself was going to attend the concert later on.
We arrived early enough at the concert hall to see the solist, the conductor and the composer enter the premises.
Then the music. The Luxembourg national anthem was performed at the entry of the Grand Duke and his wife.
Jon Lord's Boom of Tingling Strings started very lightly with almost separate notes and tunes from different instruments left and right, front and back of the orchestra.
Other parts were more heavy and at a certain moment I thought the lady at the percussion was playing a part Ian Paice could have played. At the end she received a great applause.
Michael Harvey's first piano 'riffs' made me recognize the hands of the master. I heard heard a lot of references to earlier Jon Lord work and styles. I need to hear it again!
Paul Mann really is a very passionate conductor, he has the looks and appearance. Inspiring. Great Prokofiev Symphony too.
At the end of 'Boom...' Jon Lord came ontage to receive a standing ovation from the audience.
At the end of the evening he took time to answer questions from whoever wanted to ask one or to sign leaflets and posters. Great!
My wife and I had a great evening.
Thank you for the music, Jon.

Alexander Otkin writes:
Thank you.